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Ets Michel is the exclusive agent for WECO Feuerwerk fireworks producing compact fireworks, fountains and rockets in Belgium and Luxembourg

Luge traîneau Stiga

Ets Michel distributes sledges, snow shovels, carnival and Halloween items such as masks, wigs and party favors.

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Ets Michel distributes various products such as fanware, household items, smoke, balloons, sky lanterns, road signs, etc.



Ets Michel scs is a Belgian company importing, distributing and producing various products since 1978. We are the executive agent of WECO Feuerwerk factory for Belgium and Luxembourg. We also provide product sourcing services.

Main articles:

- Fireworks and firecrackers
- Winter articles: sledges, bob and snow shovels.
- Carnival and party: Masks, party favors, hats and lenses.
- Other items: football shirts, trumpets, flying lanterns, lenses for smartphones and road signs.




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For questions, please call: +32 475 358 068 or send us a message below.


4900 Spa, 



Tel: 087 77 42 30 
Fax: 087 77 22 22

BE 0824.146.741

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Send an email to  : ralf@michel-ets.com



Ets Michel scs has a long experience of sourcing in Europe and Asia. Our company can help you import, find new suppliers, and even develop new markets.

Partners of the company have lived for several years
abroad and have a large network in Asia and Europe.

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